Life Figured

May 11, 2018

Life figured out you…

From the way the door whispers politely and quietly.

Life figured a plan…

When taps from neighboring droplets slash the bedroom window pane, ever so slightly.

Life figured a hello…

Speaking so vibrantly across your shining face, all nicely.

Life figured he loved you…

As he holds you every night, every day, and forevermore, so tightly.

~Medici Cruz

Life Figured

If apologies were easy 2.27.2018

If apologies were easy than


could put band-aids over a deep wound

We would have discovered

how to fix an arm

a leg

or even a heart…

If apologies were easy then

I would suture the wounds myself

knees kissing the dirt

as if I kissed your forehead in the morning or day

or evening

Trying to salvage every resonance of “I’m sorry”


~Medici Cruz

If apologies were easy 2.27.2018

A Mess… 2.27.2018

I am sprawled out on the floor
like books of old poetry books pages turned
marked on the right upper corner
Star so you don’t forget.

watching time pass by as if it were cars on a subway platform

I let my heartbeat fast, but my mind move slow

Mistakes playing over and over again

as if

I am at a movie theater

and that it is the only clip playing.




What are you doing…?

You are a mess.

Clean yourself up.

I say to me

Clean yourself up.

I cry to me

Clean yourself up.

I cry for you.

Clean yourself up.

~Medici Cruz

A Mess… 2.27.2018