I’ve Pictured 5. 17. 2018

May 17, 2018

The world portrayed me as a square

waiting for me to fit into a box

so that the man in line can compare.
Look at you, not perfect, not right.
Don’t speak, shut up, don’t fight.

If I don’t say words.
If I don’t speak my mind.

When can I say it is time to find…


~Medici Cruz


I’ve Pictured 5. 17. 2018

Life Figured

May 11, 2018

Life figured out you…

From the way the door whispers politely and quietly.

Life figured a plan…

When taps from neighboring droplets slash the bedroom window pane, ever so slightly.

Life figured a hello…

Speaking so vibrantly across your shining face, all nicely.

Life figured he loved you…

As he holds you every night, every day, and forevermore, so tightly.

~Medici Cruz

Life Figured