What Hurts


What hurts is not being able to do anything about a situation.

You think you can fix things by distracting yourself, and reminding yourself it will get better.

Lots of the time you wonder what she’s doing, and you wonder if she’s happy.

Doing things you normally do like looking over your shoulder to see if the person
is still there, that is something I do pretty frequently.

If I look to the left she’s in the chair next to me,
and if she is on the right she is on her phone looking at facebook or twitter.

What hurts is the reminder of all the fun things you use to do,
and hoping you could one day do it again.

It is very easy to remember,
and very hard to forget because she was important.

That’s what hurts.
I dream so much about her it becomes very pleasing and annoying at the same time.
She invades my most personal space, my mind, and yet she is not here physically,
but I’m kinda glad she does though.

-Medici Cruz

What Hurts

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