A Part of You

7/20/2015 1:55AM
You take a part of you wherever you go.
To a place, no one could ever let go.
You tread mountains high enough, so you can see the river bend.

Watching as you say hello to new friends.
A magic can flow
from a person you never knew.
A place,
a haven,
a room for two.

look toward the skies.
as far you can see,
broken dreams.
or goodbyes.

A distant memory,
could open up.
To a better word.
A better fantasy.

Live live,
don’t look back.

Keep calm don’t have,
a heart attack.

always a part of you,
just wait,

A reservation, a wait,
I have a table for two.

**I haven’t been posting as much as much, and I am sorry for that for those who follow me.
I think the reason I have been so uptight is because I haven’t been posting as much. Thank you for staying, there’s more to come. Seat-belts ready, Let’s have some fun! 🙂
~Medici Cruz

A Part of You

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