Love loves Melody

April 15, 2015

Love was a nice person, he would always said hello to Melody. Under the apple tree, Love listened to Melody, singing the same three words from parts of a song. Love was curious about what Melody would sing, and why she sang it. She would sing quietly under her breath. She sang three important lyrics to a song she loved the most. Love was curious to find out what those three words were. Song kept singing, and Love would never understand why she never responded. Love got upset, because the answer was always unclear. Love, one day, got upset with Melody, and he yelled at Melody. Melody cried, and did not answer back that day.

She came back the next day, and spoke to Love.
Melody asked Love a question and said, “Do you know why I never told you what I like to sing?”

Love with a confused face asked, “Why.”

Melody responded slowly, “Because, I thought you always knew, but I will tell you now anyway… My favorite lyrics that I like to sing is “I Love You.”

Love stood there confused, and whispered in song…

“I love you too.”

~Medici Cruz

Love loves Melody

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