From within the darkness

April 5, 2015

You’ve always thought your heart was just red…

In the beginning, we start with dark colors within the shells of our hearts. But, as the years continued on and our hearts kept on beating. You would meet a new person, and this new person would see your heart. Time would go by, and they would pour colors into your heart.

Colors of the heart would be…

Red- A color for “love,” given to you by others. A color that you entrust to people to make sure they keep it a bright red. As your heart beats faster the color brightens, and it ignites the rest of your body like a fire in a furnace, heating up an entire house.

Blue- A “sad” color, the color that makes you sad sometimes. A color that makes you want to swim in sorrow. Jumping into a sea of emotions that take control of you, and lets the world keep flowing with or without you.

Green- A color of “envy,” a color that’s sometimes seen as disgusting. Just like the barf of a dog that threw up in the living room floor. This color makes you disgusting, but at the same time makes you acknowledge your faults.

Yellow- A color of “happiness,” a color that makes you smile. The color that resembles a sunny day in spring. It’s a color that keeps you smiling as the world continues to spin.

Maybe there are a lot more colors,
at least I know that I am going to keep my heart of colors
close to me

~Medici Cruz

From within the darkness

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